Keni Kodjo Business Card

Kenikodjo business cards

2dots Space Agency designed these business cards for Keni Kodjo, a Ghana-based writer, copywriter and public relations specialist.

“The brand identity design and business cards stay true to Keni Kodjo’s writing career. The script design (the font is called High Tide) serves as a signature look for Keni Kodjo,” said Aaron Yeboah Jr., the Founder of 2dots Space.

Kenikodjo typographyKenikodjo lettering
“We wanted to create something very eye-catching and creative that stands out. Keni Kodjo is very detail-oriented, thus the design had to reflect that.”

These business cards were printed on matte paper 400gsm with gold foil on the brand name ‘Kenikodjo’ by Lema Press in Ghana.

Kenikodjo business cardKenikodjo businesscard

Designed by 2dots Space Agency

Printed by Lema Press

For Keni Kodjo

Business Card Printing
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