Kaplias Art Print Online Shop Business Card

Kaplias business card

Alexandra Necula designed these business cards for Kaplias, an art print and poster online shop based in Romania. It’s passionate about interior design, art and nature.

The business cards exude the brand’s signature style, wihch are minimal, rustic, artsy, and with strong Scandinavian influences.

Alexandra custom-designed the logotype and it complements the illustration and earthy colours.

“The logo consists of a minimal wordmark with a subtle twist of the letter ‘A’, inspired from Nordic interior design style,” Alexandra said.

“The colour palette is warm, earthy and the brand illustration reflects the natural, raw details that are often present in the Nordic style, such as wood, linen, wool, cotton, plants and ceramics.”

These business cards were offset-printed on natural cotton paper, with the logo and contact info letterpress on front and back.

Even the cardboard-focused packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and printed with non-toxic inks.

All of the colours, design elements, and illustrations are presented harmoniously on the business cards, displaying a stylish, inspiring work of art!


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Designed by Alexandra Necula Studio

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For Kaplias

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