Kaolin Business Card

Kaolin business cards

Studio Impulso designed these business cards for Kaolin, an artisanal pottery and ceramics-making workshop where its artisans create objects with the greatest respect of traditions. It’s also a sale and exhibition space located in Paris.

The brand name, Kaolin, refers to the name of the clay used in the creation of many potteries. It’s the raw material and therefore, embodied ‘pre-conception’ which allows the workshop to establish itself as the place of artisanal manufacture and excellence.

Kaolin logo


Typography & Colours

The business card design is minimalist yet very artistic. “Through the business cards, we wanted to reveal the artisanal dimension of Kaolin,” explained Gabriel & Yohan, the Art Directors of Studio Impulso.

“Our typographic work was inspired by the letter ‘A’ of the Kaftan font (designed by Victor Bartis). The black typographic logotype is embossed and varnished, which refers to the roundness and malleability of the future moving object (formed and deformed by the wheel and hands of the potter).”

“The colour palette used for the business cards is a pastel shade that refers to clay, ceramics and earthenware. We particularly wanted it to evoke ‘Kaolin’, as suggested by the brand name.”

According to Gabriel & Yohan, this notion of know-how is reinforced with spontaneous style illustration in white ink. Other illustrations used for the visual identity are sketches that Studio Impulso made and then vectorized.

Kaolin business card_illustrationKaolin branding

These business cards have not been printed yet. When asked about the possible printing outcome, Gabriel & Yohan replied, “The cards would be printed on Colorplan China White. Paper texture makes a subtle echo in the hands of those who work and make pottery.”

“The logotype would be embossed and varnished to bring relief. As for the illustration on the card, it’s in white ink to achieve the purity of the finished object.”

Kaolin business card

Kaolin branding2Kaolin packagingKaolin illustrationsKaolin brochure
Kaolin brochure2Kaolin bagKaolin boxes

Designed by Studio Impulso

For Kaolin

Business Card Printing
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