JW Design Studio Business Card

JW Design Business Card

Jenna Welch designed these business cards for JW Design, her own design studio that specializes in branding business from the bottom up.

“I decided to quit my day job of working as a Senior Designer at an advertising agency and go off and do it on my own. This all happened about three weeks ago, hence, the new business cards!” Jenna said.

JW Design_illustration

Jenna’s business card is exceptional with the super eye-catching illustration that captures people’s attention instantly!

“My inspiration behind the JW Design logo was my signature and monoline aesthetic in my drawings,” she said.

These business cards were printed via raised spot gloss printing technique by Moo.

“I chose this printing technique because I wanted the designs to pop. You can feel the texture of the business card and see it shine,” Jenna explained.


JW Design Business CardJW Design illustrationJW Design branding

Designed by Jenna Welch

Printed by MOO

For JW Design

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