Jumbo Interior Design Business Card

Verena Michelitsch designed these business cards for Jumbo, an interior design studio based in Brooklyn, New York.

Jumbo studio is guided by a deep respect for sculptural form, rich material and exquisite detail. The logo was inspired by Jumbo’s playful, experimental and bold approach to design.

There are multiple colour versions for the business cards. It’s so refreshing to see how the colour combinations can create different moods and allow more options when handed out at different networking environments. Who can forget these clean, beautiful and modern designs?

Jumbo business cards
These business cards were printed by The Infinitive Factory. According to Verena, the play with dimension and texture is reflected via the special printing methods used for the cards – embossing and foil stamping on Colorplan paper.

Designed by Verena Michelitsch

Printed by The Infinitive Factory

For Jumbo

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