Julian Restaurant Business Card

Julian restaurant business cards

Nathaniel Cooper & Jordan Gray designed these business cards for Julian Restaurant, a neighbourhood restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri.

The restaurant features refined twists on familiar comfort food from James Beard award-winning chef Celina Tio.

The name ‘Julian’ derives from Tio’s main cooking influences, Julia Child and her grandfather Julian. The design elements took cues from Julia Child’s well-known, well-stocked kitchen.

Julian Business Card_2

The food are crafted with the finest local and seasonal ingredients, refined with signature twists and served in a comfortably sophisticated atmosphere.

The business card design reflected that, with the logo and ‘feel good food’ slogan.

The blind letterpress effect is impressive on the front side. The rounded corners also offer a smooth and modern look!

The contact details on the backside is equally thoughtful with the use of well-selected typography and colour palette, not to mention the signature of the owner adds uniqueness to the brand as well as giving it a personal touch and a sense of sophistication.

These business cards were letterpress-printed by TwoTone Press in Kansas City, Missouri.

Overall, this is a clean and appealing business card design that’s not to be missed!

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Julian Business Card_1

Designed by Nathaniel Cooper & Jordan Gray

Printed by Two Tone Press in Kansas City, MO

For Julian Restaurant

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