Judit Novák Nail Artist Business Card

Judit Novák business card

Zsuzsanna Petrovics designed these business cards for Judit Novák, a nail artist.

Judit was a young nail artist back in 2017 who started her own brand then. She approached Zsuzsanna for the branding project and wanted to create a fresh logo that represents her work.

“The main design concept was to find the unique form that represents the flow of nail polishing. After some sketches, I created the shape of an ‘amoeba’ that fitted to my client’s need. She wanted a coloured version that can be used as an outline one as well,” Zsuzsanna said.

It’s also worth noting that the logotype was formed by Judit’s initials, JN.

Let it be the line pattern or colour palette, everything blended together perfectly to create a graceful, stylish and modern card design.

Judit Novák business cardsJudit Novák card_logo

Designed by Zsuzsanna Petrovics

For Judit Novák

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