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JTS Build & Design_business card

Luiza Bola designed these business cards for JTS Build & Design, a company focused on building homes with clean, sophisticated and functional design located in Chatham, New Jersey.

JTS aims to build houses for families seeking comfort, exclusivity, functionality and quality. Their goal is to deliver to its customers more than a residence – a home.

JTS Build & Design logo and cardJTS patterns

“We wanted to go with a clean, minimalist vibe for this project to speak for JTS and the styles of houses that they’re building,” Luiza said.

Speaking of the design inspiration, she continued, “I was inspired by the concept of doors – the main entrance to the house. The first access to the home, representing ‘welcome’ to the residents and visitors. This was extremely important to the outcome of the project because one of the missions of my client was to create not just houses, but homes. So, the concept really speaks to her.”

“Based on this principle, I designed several illustrations of different doors, which later I deconstructed in search of geometric shapes to create graphic accessories for the visual identity.”

The typography used for the logotype is Minerva Modern (from Adobe Fonts), which Luiza did some modifications to it.

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These business cards were printed on 19pt Super paper with soft touch finish by MOO.

Overall, these gold foil business cards look elegant and really stand out from the crowd!

JTS Build & Design stationeryJTS Build & Design stationery_3JTS Build & Design door hangerJTS Build & Design card

Designed by Luiza Bola

Printed by MOO

For JTS Build & Design

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