Jrolins Architecture Business Card

Jrolins business card

André Candeloro designed these business cards for Jrolins, an architecture and decoration office based in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

“The brand name, Jrolins, was named after its owner, Julia S. Rolins. Julia is a young, modern professional, full of life and joy, like any Carioca,” André said.

Jrolins logotype Jrolins_back Jrolins_frontJrolins businesscards
The vibrant colour palette and the illustrations on the card are a perfect combination!

“The brand identity was inspired by the solarity and cultural life of Julia and the city where she operates. As for the illustrations, they reflect the flora, the sun and the beaches of Rio. All the energy and love that Julia has for architecture is portrayed in her identity,” André explained.

These business cards were offset-printed on Fedrigoni Microcotele 240g paper.

Jrolins business cardsJrolins branding2

Designed by André Candeloro

For Jrolins

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