Joosay! Business Card

Joosay business card

Tahira designed these business cards for ‘Joosay!’, a juice brand.

“The idea behind the Joosay! branding was to showcase that you can create fun, vibrant designs and still keep a minimal aesthetic as the colours, typography and illustrations do all the talking,” Tahira said.

Joosay logoJoosay logotype
Speaking more about her design inspirations, Tahira said, “I wanted to use bright colours that reflected a bright, fun vibrant summer vibe. I came across the illustrations and just went with it. I didn’t really use any inspiration apart from the fruit illustrations.”

Joosay menu
These business cards were printed by Moo using the ‘printfinity’ feature, which according to Tahira, allows you to have different designs on the back of each card.

“I used this feature as it adds fun to the branding, and the gorgeous colours and designs combined together really draw attention to the brand,” she added.   Joosay business card Joosay branding2Joosay branding

Designed by Tahira

Printed by MOO

For Joosay!

Business Card Printing
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