Jay Master Graphic Designer Business Card

Jay Master designed these business cards for his personal branding as a graphic designer who works on branding and design projects including packaging, illustrations and web design.

Simplicity is the key, this is how Jay puts it and what his studio is aiming to create. Something simple, clear yet creative – this is exactly what the card design is hoping to convey.

The card design is minimalist but one cannot overlook the fun and impactful first impression the card is capable of producing. While people are admiring (and perhaps wondering) about the bread icon – which is perfectly placed against a striking orange background – the secondary logomarks and the simplicity of the contact side of the card are both intriguing enough to win prospects over.

“The bread icon was developed out of our process. Our goal is to help our clients communicate through clarification and simplification. Sliced bread is a representation of clean and fluid production. It also represents a blank canvas. Bread can be used for any number of sandwiches, with endless possibilities!” Jay explained.

The card mainly uses orange, black and white. While the colours work well together, it’s interesting to see that instead of the regular black/white combo, Jay opted for black/orange instead.

According to Jay, these cards haven’t been printed yet. If they do, they will be printed via letterpress printing technique on 130# uncoated paper.


Designed by Jay Master

For Jay Master personal branding

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