Jana Viscardi Personal Branding Business Card

Jana Viscardi business cards2

Gabriela Mameri and Andressa Dantas designed these business cards for Jana Viscardi, a Brazilian linguistics professor showcasing her expertise on YouTube as a social communication and linguistics content creator.

Even though Jana is an academic, she has a really expansive and vibrant personality. Her content is focused on clever news commentary and reflections on current events in politics and pop culture, while making connections between the topics and her linguistics and text interpretation studies. Her goal is to make text decoding easier and to make people think about what they read and how to communicate matters.

Design Inspiration & Colours

The main inspiration was based on Jana herself and the many different ways people can communicate with each other through words, eye contact or actions.

“We tried to convey Jana’s vibrant energy through colours that are warm and welcoming, but also really elegant, such as terracotta pink, vibrant red and dark green,” said Andressa Dantas and Gabriela Mameri, the graphic designers at Estúdio Rima.

Jana Viscardi business cards

Illustrations & Typography

Andressa and Gabriela chose to illustrate the graphic elements as handmade-looking and effortless, yet elegant at the same time.

“We illustrate the graphics with paint strokes, organic shapes and with lots of texture. The graphic elements evoke the easygoing way that Jana communicates and teaches at her platform.”


Jana Viscardi illustration
“For the typographic logo itself, we wanted something that resembled a bookish aesthetic, while maintaining a contemporary aura. We also aimed for legibility and elegancy.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, Andressa and Gabriela would suggest applying a simple matte finish for the cards to complement the branding nicely.

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Jana Viscardi business cards2Jana Viscardi brandingJana Viscardi website

Designed by Gabriela Mameri & Andressa Dantas at Estúdio Rima

For Jana Viscardi personal branding

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