James Wylde & Co. Wallpaper Preservation Business Card

james wylde and co business cards

Naauao designed these business cards for James Wylde & Co., a company that is dedicated to the preservation of French Scenic antique Wallpapers, many of which are slowly vanishing from historic homes throughout Europe and the United States.

“By restoring these antique wallpapers and making them available as high-quality, full-size digital reproductions, James Wylde & Co. ensures that they will continue to be appreciated for generations to come,” said Scott Naauao, the Art Director at Naauao.

The blue and white combination gives a sense of calm and artistic vibe, while the logo being an instant attention-grabber.

We learned from Scott that there are actually three elements involved in creating the brand’s remarkable logomark.

James Wylde & Co. Wallpaper Preservation logo

“The monogram on the card was inspired by the company’s signature wallpaper set ‘Les Amour du Psyche’ (otherwise known as ‘Cupid & Psyche’),” he explained.

“It features Cupid’s arrow (with a heart shape) intertwined within a stylized wedged W popular at the time.”

“Floral ornamentation featuring ‘fleur-de-lis’ (‘lily flower’ in French) anchors the monogram and the deep French blue further ties the brand’s inspirations to its roots.”

These business cards were 1/1 offset printed on uncoated natural cardstock by Cambridge Printing Co.

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Designed by Naauao

Printed by Cambridge Printing Co. (Boston, MA)

For James Wylde & Co.

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