Jade Rennie Graphic Designer Business Card

jade rennie graphic designer business card

Jade Rennie designed these business cards for her boutique design agency, The Brain Child, assisting businesses in graphic, web design and social marketing.

“As this was a personal card for my own business I was allowed to finally try out the holographic foil feature that has been on my inspiration mood board for ages,” Jade said.

“My original cards were very minimal; so minimal that from afar they looked like blank cards! Not ideal when you are trying to stand out from the competition.”

“So, these new, improved business cards have been softened with a neutral grey which lets the main feature – the holographic design – really stands out. ”


The Printing of Business Cards

When it comes to card-printing, Jade used a private printing company in South Korea.

“I chose a nice thick card stock at 600gsm. It has a raw, smooth texture which is a nice contrast to the shiny foil. ” Jade said.

The combination of holographic foil and blind letterpress printing effects really make the cards look modern and stylish!


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Designed by Jade Rennie

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For Jade Rennie, The Brain Child

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