IT Retail Business Card

Ben Loiz Studio designed these business cards for IT Retail, a global technology leader in the IT space for grocery stores, providing point of sale systems, processing, training, support and more.

“As a company that is customer-centric, IT Retail continues to collaborate by developing with grocers, not just for them,” said Ben Loiz, the owner of the Los Angeles based design studio. “I was determined to emphasize this as well as the client’s significant history of technological innovation.”

IT Retail has a unique symbol that’s in the shape of a coin, pointing to the exchange of currency at the point of sale. “The letters ‘I’ and ‘T’ in the symbol are incorporated, or united together, conveying collaboration. A bright, fresh green was selected to express produce and the circuitry found inside their point of sale systems. Black colour is paired as a contrast communicating strength and trust.”

Besides a well-chosen colour scheme, a unique brand pattern was created on the back of the business card using shapes found in the client’s logo.  “The pattern supports the identity and illustrates a simplified interpretation of a circuit board. This emphasizes IT Retail’s commitment to provide simple and useful systems to grocers as well,” Ben explained.

These business cards were offset printed on uncoated paper by F.A. Daniels Printing Company.

Designed by Ben Loiz Studio

Printed by F.A. Daniels Printing Company

For IT Retail

Business Card Printing
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