Isaac N.C. Business Card

Isaac N.C. designed these business cards for his personal branding as a designer of cool brands and apps.

“The design inspiration for my business cards came from fruit. I love fruit and enjoy the analogous qualities of fruit as well – it’s bright, sweet, cheerful, colourful, etc., and I wanted to embody those traits into my brand and cards. So I bought fruit and spray painted it for a creative twist, then photographed the painted fruit and used those photos on my cards,” Isaac said.

“I’m also inspired by my values – authenticity, creativity, and hospitality – which are incorporated into my brand design. My logo uses friendly shapes that were originally drawn by hand to demonstrate authenticity and creativity. When I hand out one of my cards I offer the person to take the one with their favorite fruit as a gesture of hospitality.” Now that’s a great idea for a friendly, memorable first impression!

These business cards were printed by Moo using Luxe paper, which is double thickness for that extra impact. Each card has a coloured stripe down the edge and has a lovely texture to it.

“I chose Moo because Moo has the special card size that I like and the cards are printed with excellent quality. Plus, they let me print all my card variations in one project,” Isaac added.

Designed by Isaac N.C.

Printed by Moo

For Isaac N.C. personal branding

Business Card Printing
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