Ilbon Bebe Business Card

Peinture Designer designed these business cards for Ilbon Bebe, a children’s clothing store.

The owner of the brand originally started her business through selected children’s socks. Currently, the brand started to sell baby clothes and kids’ apparels too.

The idea behind Ilbon Bebe is to sell products that are cheap, cute and good quality. This is a store created out of the owner’s hobby, whom is a mother as well. She wanted to provide fashionable apparels for kids with reasonable price.

Therefore, the visual branding needs to express the fashionable side of it while being friendly at the same time.

ilbon bebe_logo


The business card is designed to portray a cute, playful image, matching the brand’s originality and stand out from the crowd with its unique card shape!

“I designed the client’s business card to be in the shape of socks, hoping to differentiate the brand from others,” said the Peinture Designer.

“As for the logo, I hand-drawn the soft letters, just like those drawn by children. This will be a recognizable logo while enhancing its authentic image.”

When it comes to printing, Peinture Designer opted for the service of a trusted paper designer. “While I’m skilled in card transformation, but I leave it to them for printing.”

ilbon bebe business cards

Designed by Peinture Designer

For Ilbon Bebe

Business Card Printing
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