ID Studio Business Card

Unwind Studio designed these business cards for ID Studio, a small architectural and interior design practice based in Warsaw characterized by its holistic design approach.

“We aimed to design a new visual identity and a website that will reflect its practice. The combination of gold and sea green has inspired the colour palette used on the business cards and promotional materials,” said Marta Knas, the Co-Founder of Unwind Studio.

“We’ve also worked with unique typography, consisting of a double line, referring to technical drawings used in architectural plans. Branding was complemented with a photo shoot at ID Studio’s office. The visual content was used as part of studio’s new communication strategy executed on social media.”

These business cards were printed on Pop’Set Riviera Blue by Reprint in Wroclaw. “The logos and the lines on the business cards are hotstamped. The back of the card was created using screen printing. The texture of the cards is smooth,” Marta added.

Overall, it is a minimalist yet trendy business card design that pleases the eye!

Designed by Unwind Studio

Printed by Reprint

For ID Studio

Business Card Printing
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