Ice Scream Business Card

Asthetique designed these business cards for Ice Scream, an ice cream parlour in New York.

Ice Scream is a perfect place for families and children to spend time together, creating memories and enjoy the warmth and joy the place has to offer.

The 24-seat nitrogen ice cream parlour is a declaration that the Bronx, namely the Mall at Bay Plaza, can certainly contribute to the world of design.

The name ‘Ice Scream’ is smart and memorable. The typography arrangement for the logotype is unique and super catchy as well!

Drawing inspiration from the ’80s Memphis design movement, Ice Scream is a waffle cone of modernism, pop art, and a sprinkle of the 1950s Kitsch design style.

With its neo-memphis design, Ice Scream was manifested to create a vibrant yet relaxed milieu allowing for a full mental holiday.


All of these were clearly expressed through the vibrant business card design, which is not only colourful and striking, but creative enough to get people excited about the ice cream parlour before they even seen the place!

Overall, the card design is bold, modern and fun! It actually matches the brand message of spreading joy and creating nostalgia at the same time.

Designed by Asthetique

For Ice Scream (Jonathan Pinkhasov)

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