Hurrah! Production Business Card

hurrah! business card

Rayz Ong designed these business cards for Hurrah! Production, a creative production agency based in Singapore.

Hurrah! Production was founded by James Rotheram. James actually came up with this big idea of setting up the company in 2008 when walking his dog, Ringo The Dingo, which is also the mascot you see on the business card.

James believed that there was a market for a company that was committed to making the very best branded content based in Asia with a regional (and now global) view. Up till today, the company is still going strong.

These business cards were printed by Papy Press on 570gsm thick cotton material; duplex letterpress on both sides and finishes up with black edge paint. These premium business cards are just visually stunning and absolutely awesome to hold!

Designed by Rayz Ong

Printed by Papy Press

For Hurrah! Production

Business Card Printing
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