Hummingbird Smart Services Business Card

Hummingbird Smart business card

Mustaali Raj designed these business cards for Hummingbird Smart Services, a company that provides cost-effective energy-independence to businesses and homes via smart energy solutions and solar technology.

“Founded by Canadian Métis people, at the heart of the company lies strong Indigenous values and principles characterized by the hummingbird, a prominent symbol in North American Indigenous cultures,” Mustaali said. “The hummingbolt icon lives at the heart of the brand. It is a fusion of the hummingbird and energy icon (iconic lightning bolt) creating a unique symbol for Hummingbird Smart.”

Hummingbolt animated
Explaining the colour palette and typography used in the branding project, Mustaali continued, “The brand colours are derived from the pacific sunset skies and the warm tones of the Rufous Hummingbird, a medium-sized hummingbird native to the west coast of North America. Roboto Condensed is used as the primary brand font. It’s dual nature speaks to being both tech-savvy (with its mechanical geometric quality) and approachable (featuring friendly and open curves).”

Hummingbird Smart logo
“In brand applications, the solar panel is de-constructed into a simplified grid composed of diamond shapes. This serves as a visual representation of not only the ‘smart energy grid’ but also a metaphorical grid of ‘flowers’ that the hummingbird seeks to pollinate.”

Hummingbird Smart Automation GuideHummingbird Smart Services
“The diamond grid can be resized, overlapped, repeated, multiplied to create an endless array of patterns that further emphasize the smart grid creating a dynamic flexible system. Having these abstractions within the basic grid pattern add an element of energy, movement, pulse and rhythm.”

When it comes to card-printing, “Orange and silver metallic foils are used in print applications to give the logo an extra shimmer, inspired by the reflective feathers of the hummingbird and solar panels,” Mustaali said.

Hummingbird Smart businesscardHummingbird Smart Website Hummingbird Smart car

Designed by Mustaali Raj

For Hummingbird Smart Services

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