Humming Oven Dessert Boutique Business Card

Humming Oven business cards

Jhanvi Manek designed these business cards for Humming Oven, a confectionery and dessert boutique based in Mumbai.

The ticking of the oven is like music to the ears of every baker. According to Jhanvi’s definition, true passion for baking is about the aroma filling the kitchen, leaving a dessert-y mess, and listening to the low humming sound of the oven.

“This very brand, too, believes in baking and experimenting with desserts; to always challenge themselves and their customers’ taste buds. The same is reflected in their brand, with a clean logo and the use of off-beat, fun yet bold colours that represent the brand’s true tone,” she said.

Humming Oven_card

Logo Design

The business card design is very clean and legible, with some stylish letters that make it look stylish and classy.

“The inverted commas used in the brand name ‘Humming’ were inspired by the bass clef (musical note), denoting the oven’s humming as a pleasant sound for the bakers themselves,” Jhanvi explained.

“In terms of the typography, it completes the letter ‘i’ and adds a vintage touch to the modern letter ‘g’. In addition, ligatures between ‘g’ and ‘o’, ‘V’ and ‘E’ were used to create a seamless logo form for the brand.”

Humming Oven logo

Colours & Printing

As for the brand’s colours, orange signifies the burning of the oven, while the lighter shade represents the brand’s frozen desserts.

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Green/teal, which was used primarily as a background colour, is the baker’s favourite colour and personally resonated with her. The very teal shade is an absolute contrast to the logotype, giving each one a distinct identity in the collaterals.

When it comes to printing, Jhanvi suggested having the business cards printed on 300gsm paper with rounded edges, and spot lamination on the dot (at the letter ‘g’) and inverted commas. The cards should be printed using a combination of digital and screen printing techniques.


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Humming Oven_card3Humming Oven_markHumming Oven_card2 Humming Oven_card3

Designed by Jhanvi Manek at The Contempo-Arty Studio

For Humming Oven

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