Hubertus Music Band Business Card

Studio Flex designed these business cards for the band, Hubertus.

“Hubertus exists for a couple of years now, but without many public appearances,” explained Emanuel Heim, the founder of Studio Flex.

“The subject of the band and especially from the songwriter, Jan Wetli, is ‘monkeys’. For the band, the monkeys symbolized the jungle we live in, in these times.”

“The name ‘Hubertus’ is from the band’s mascot, which is a stuffed duck from someone’s grandfather that sits in the band room for years.”

“So, our design process was based on the monkeys and the duck, but we still needed a strong logo that works without the illustrations to give the band a strong branding.”

“The modern logo works like a playground for all its inhabitants.”


These business cards were digitally printed with one side showing the contact info while the other side, the illustrations of animals from old nature books.

Studio Flex processed them in a visual grid to give it a flair of the old times in contrast with the modern type logo.


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Designed by Studio Flex

For Hubertus

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