House of Clay Ceramics Business Card

House of Clay business_card

Lea Briquet designed these business cards for House of Clay, a ceramic studio and shop that’s known for their quirky handmade home decor pieces.

“House of Clay wanted a new identity that would match and represent the pieces they are creating as it is what differentiates them from the other ceramic studio. No guidelines or restrictions were imposed,” Lea said.

House of Clay has a unique logo design which according to Lea, she went for the typeface called Eckmannpsych but she also made some experimentation with Epitaph before that.

“I chose the former typeface as it appeared eccentric but not playful or childish. The font itself could be the masterpiece and that is what I liked the most.”

House of Clay concept


Explaining more about the pattern and colour palette used, Lea said, “Regarding the patterns, I have been really inspired by actual ceramic pieces seen online but also by really organic and wavy shapes.”

“When I think of clay, I think of earthy tones, that is why I chose muted colours gravitating around terra cotta but I also wanted to be a bit more adventurous and make my way through more unusual tones like blue or green. Staying on the same saturation level.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “I would expect them to be printed on thick recycled cotton paper. I’d like a really textured cotton to remind the craftsmanship that goes behind each piece,” Lea suggested.

House of Clay business cardsHouse of Clay card_House of Clay card_1

House of Clay template_storiesHouse of Clay boxes

Designed by Lea Briquet at Q&M Studio

For House of Clay

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