Hot Foot Surf Brand Business Card

Hot Foot business cards

Studio Nice One designed these business cards for Hot Foot, a surf wear and care brand that uses recycled materials in its products.

When it comes to surfing, it’s easy to associate the term with sunny, sandy beaches and ocean waves. How can a brand differentiate itself from its competitors while still remaining true to the customer’s expectations?


The Inspiration Behind the Name “Hot Foot”

For one, the brand name is amusing and memorable: Hot Foot. The name was actually inspired by the sensations of hot sand on the soles of one’s feet as one rushes to catch his or her first wave!

Secondly, the business card design has a playful and welcoming look, not only because of the fun illustrations alone, but also because of the hand-lettering that adds to the brand’s casual and outgoing vibe perfectly!

“We wanted to create the antidote to an exclusive surfing brand that can feel intimidating, by creating soft, flowing shapes and giving the brand a fun feel that celebrates local surf culture,” said Amy Quickfall, the creative director at Studio Nice One.

hot foot logos



Personalized Handlettering Typography

“The logotype was a hand rendered typeface we made into our own font entitled ‘Hotfoot’ after the brand itself,” Amy continued.

“We wanted to create a kooky, hand-drawn feel to create an inclusive feel that isn’t sports or serious.”

The logo was also created based on three elements of Sri Lankan surfing: sunshine, waves, and sea life. To create a cohesive branding design, various branded collateral, such as hang tags, t-shirts, and other print designs, were produced.

Hot Foot main logo


Fun Colours & Playful Illustrations

As for the illustrations, Studio Nice One created female surfers so that it would be accessible to all.

“Also, the quirky illustration style was also intended to create easy brand recognition across all brand touch points and feel playful,” Amy added.

The brand colours are carefully chosen to match the tropical elements of the surfing location.

“We wanted to capture the vast jungle green backdrops of Sri Lanka that line the beaches here with fun, pop colours that add a playful element and a tropical feel.”

Hot Foot all logos


The Printing of Business Cards

When it comes to printing the business cards, Amy suggested, “We would love to have them printed on a recycled matte paper that is in keeping with the ethos of the brand, so it can decompose over time.”

The design of this business card is both practical and stylish. It has a summery feel and is made with the environment in mind.

This business card design is both functional and stylish. Not only does it have a summery feel, but it’s made with environmental awareness in mind.


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Hot Foot business cards

Hot Foot main logo print Hot Foot tagHot Foot surf board Hot Foot t-shirt
Hot Foot_stories

Designed by Studio Nice One

For Hot Foot

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