Hillary Ontiveros Jewelry Business Card

Hillary Ontiveros business card

Vicente Salinas designed these business cards for Hillary Ontiveros, a jewelry seller.

According to Vicente, the client desired a logo that made use of her name and a brand that included the design aesthetics of her jewelry; organic lines, feminine beauty and characteristics found in nature.

Hillary Ontiveros logoHillary Ontiveros stroke endings
“As a solution, for the logo I used the first letter of her name and used elements from the Art Nouveau art period which is characterized by the use of long sinuous organic lines, decorative typography that included embellished stroke endings and heavy contrast in stroke weights.”

“For typography, I used Calluna and Calluna-Sans because of their close relation to one another and organic strokes. The colour palette uses muted colours same as those used during that Art Nouveau period.”

These business cards are soon to be printed on thick stock paper, with golden foil emboss on both sides to add texture and uniqueness.

Hillary Ontiveros business cardHillary Ontiveros box design Hillary Ontiveros box3 Hillary Ontiveros box2

Designed by Vicente Salinas

For Hillary Ontiveros


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