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HIDE business cards

Adam Lorber designed these business cards for Hide Leather Goods, a soon-to-be sustainable leatherer in Los Angeles, CA.

According to Adam, the client wanted a logo that was a little bit country and a little bit rock n’ roll, also a little western and a little modern as well.

Hide Leather Goods logotypeHide Leather colour palette

“The colour palette was inspired by the bull and its horns. Bulls are known to be the best type of leather. When compared to cows and their skin, leather made from bulls is stronger, less elastic, retains its shape better and lasts longer,” Adam said.

“The ‘H’ icon represents branding irons used on cattle and similarly can be printed onto their leather. It also plays off the horns of the bull.”

The fonts used in this branding project are Athelas Regular and Nexa Bold.

These business cards are not printed yet. However, paper options are currently being discussed and both Adam and his client want these cards to make an impact.

“At the very least they’ll be printed on a 16pt paper, but I’m pushing for a double thick, 32pt paper, possibly with a painted orange edge or orange paper sandwiched in between layers,” Adam suggested.

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HIDE business cardHIDE leather goods logoHide_brandingHide leather goods

Designed by Adam Lorber

For Hide Leather Goods

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