Heal Kitchen Restaurant Business Card

Heal Kitchen business card

Vegrande designed these business cards for Heal Kitchen, a fast, convenient and healthy restaurant that prepares and serves both for grab-n-go and sit-in, located in Austin, Texas.

Heal Kitchen introduces a New-American cuisine experience and delicious way to stay healthy daily. Vegrande managed the branding project from start to finish, including naming, design concept, visual identity, packaging, stationery and visual communication.

Speaking of the design process, the graphic designer at Vegrande said, “The client used the word ‘vibrant’ several times on our first couple of meetings and wanted the brand to feel alive and not restricted. That informed our process and opted to have a clear contrast with a simple but bold and a colourful, morphing brand expression.”

Heal Kitchen logo


“The brand is organic and contemporary; shapes and colours morph into objects or ingredients and convey a sense of freedom and flow, as our brain tries to find meaning in them.”

“The proposal was to use several of the shapes and colours of the identity and let each user pick which one they like best and letting that speak a little about the casual personality of the brand and service.”

When it comes to card-printing, here’s what Vegrande suggested, “In juxtaposition, our intention and suggestion to the client was to use a cotton-heavy and let the texture act as a reminder of the high quality and organic origin of their products.”

Heal Kitchen business cardHeal Kitchen stationery Heal Kitchen packaging

Heal Kitchen bagsHeal Kitchen BowlsHeal Kitchen

Designed by Vegrande

For Heal Kitchen

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