Hayley Haynes Photographer Business Card

Hayley Haynes business card

Tess Baldwin designed these business cards for Hayley Haynes, a photographer based in Kiama, NSW, Australia.

According to Tess, Hayley’s love for natural light and raw emotions paired with earthy tones makes her approach to storytelling real and authentic.

“The goal for the design of this business card was to encapsulate Hayley and the service she provides. She is all about capturing natural beauty and raw emotions, so we wanted to create a business card that was simple, clean and elegant.”

Hayley Haynes business cards
“The logomark on the back of the business card is actually her signature, which I think is so special. The fine, minimal look of it captures Hayley’s essence.”

These business cards are not printed yet. Although this is a mockup, but it’s the intention Tess and Hayley have for printing.

“We are going to print the cards on a thick, textured card stock. The paper itself continues to tell the story of Hayley’s service: natural, raw, earthy,” Tess said.

Hayley Haynes business card

Designed by Tess Baldwin

For Hayley Haynes

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