Haus of Graze Business Cards

Haus of Graze Business Card

Emileah Miller designed these business cards for Haus of Graze, a luxe, gourmet and sustainable grazing business based in Melbourne.

Haus of Graze prides themselves on sustainability, only using the best of the best produce – farm fresh ingredients – and attention to detail in creating a variety of gourmet graze boxes, boards and tables. Therefore, it’s essential to reflect these ideas in their visual identity.

Haus Of Graze Primary LogoHaus Of Graze Secondary Logo

“For Haus of Graze, we wanted to create luxurious and timeless branding. I went with neutral colours, clean line drawings and a minimal design,” Emileah said.

As for the typefaces, Emileah used Cinzel and Montserrat. According to Emileah, Cinzel is a classic typeface which is timeless but also has a contemporary feel to it.

These business cards were printed by Vistaprint.

“My client and I decided to go with a raised front for the logo and floral illustrations,” Emileah added.

Haus of Graze Business CardHaus of Graze postcards

Designed by Emileah Miller

Printed by Vistaprint

For Haus of Graze

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