Haus 22 Travels Business Card

haus 22 travel business cards

Mariana Neves designed these business cards for Haus 22 Travels, a travel agency run by two professionals named Ana Roberta Perri and Juliana Carvalho.

When asked about her clients, Mariana described them as followed,

“Haus 22 Travels is born of a genuine passion to discover the world and to know the best in every city or country. They believe that every trip deserves unique and personal planning.”

“That’s why they like to talk, to know what makes your eyes shine. They draw a detailed profile of their customers and think of all the details of comfort and practicality to plan unforgettable trips.”

“The word ‘Haus’ means ‘house’ in German. The brand is conveying that the ‘Haus’ is your home.”

“Starting from Parallel 22, an imaginary line that cuts through the city of São Paulo, the scripts of your dreams are outlined and constructed.”


“There’s a saying, ‘Be away from home and yet feel at home, wherever you are’ by João do Rio. This phrase guided all the visual identity that we created, as well as the illustration of the houses on the business card,” Mariana added.

These business cards were offset printed by Vip Graphic using pantone colors on two-sheet pasted of uncoated offset paper 240gr.

Designed by Mariana Neves of Ouê Design

Printed by Vip Graphic

For Haus 22 Travels

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