Harumi Ori Artist & Illustrator Business Card

arKaori Drome designed these translucent business cards for Harumi Ori, a New York based artist and illustrator.

Harumi approached Kaori for this branding project which consists of building a website and business collateral.


Explaining the reason of using a translucent plastic instead of paper stock for Harumi’s business card design, Kaori said, “Harumi creates incredible art works using the bright orange safety mesh. She ties them on the fence or wall, and sometimes they look like floating in the air and that is so beautiful. I wanted to depict that ‘floating feeling’ of her art works on the card.”

The illustrations on the card is showing one of Harumi’s works called “I Am Here, Apr 16/2017/4:23pm“. She portrayed the people at Union Square in New York.

These business cards were printed on a press.

“I wanted to use a ‘frosted’ plastic that had a nice softness, instead of a clear plastic card. We used reddish orange ink to depict the color of the safety mesh.” Kaori said.

This is truly a creative and inspiring card design that not only grabs the prospects’ attention but also their interest to find out more about your work!


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Designed by Kaori Drome

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For Harumi Ori

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