Hannah Lynch Graphic Designer Business Card

Hannah Lynch designed these business cards for her personal branding as a freelance designer and brand strategist in Idaho.

“After 4 years of working in professional design studios, I took the full leap into freelance graphic design and brand strategy. I wanted my brand to reflect not only my personal aesthetic, but to walk the fine line between cheeky and sophisticated,” Hannah said.

These business cards are vibrantly coloured, with a simple logotype on the back of the card while Hannah’s contact info on the front, added by two special elements (with her specialties mentioned) for that extra recognisability to her brand.

Speaking about the colour palette, Hannah said, “As for the colors, I live in the high-desert mountains of Sun Valley, ID and have always been inspired by the colorways that constantly surround me. From clay soil to thick evergreen forests to the alpenglow on the mountains each night, where I live is breathtaking and the colors pay homage to that.”

These business cards were printed by MOO.

Designed by Hannah Lynch

Printed by MOO

For Hannah Lynch personal branding

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