Hannah Erber Graphic Designer Business Card

Hannah Erber business cards

Hannah Erber designed these business cards for her personal branding as a one-person brand design studio specializing in branding, illustrations and content creation based in Germany. She loves to combine digital and artistic techniques to create unique visuals for her clients.

The Design Concept

When it comes to designing her own brand identity, Hannah said that her design inspiration was based on the slogan ‘how magic happens’.

“I wanted to create a signature pattern that includes objects that inspired me in my work and are documenting my creative process. For each project, I start with a strong coffee, putting my glasses on and let my intuition flow. I think there is magic in these first lines you draw while searching for the perfect solution for your client.”

“Therefore, I created a strong contrast between rich textures and flat design, in order to create a floating pattern with a lot of depth that draws attention in an imaginative way.”

Hannah Erber illustration


The Floral & Coffee Cup Illustrations

When it comes to the floral illustration, Hannah was inspired by the elegance and variety of eucalyptus.

“I love the contrast between the delicate lines of the branches – you can find them again in those of the glasses – and the dominant surfaces of the leaves. It brings everything together,” Hannah said.

As for the coffee cups, Hannah hand-drawn different textures with various brushes in Procreate and masqued them later in Illustrator on the object. She repeated this procedure twice in order to create the texture.

Hannah Erber coffee cup

Typography and Colour Palette

In order to stand out among the busy pattern, Hannah searched for a quiet type that balanced out the overall look of the business card.

“I used Halton – Modern Sans Serif (regular), because I loved the symmetric strength in this type and the elegant rejuvenation in the curves. So quiet but not boring.”

Hannah Erber logoHannah Erber business cards2


“For the colours, I started with a soft and dreamy palette in different shades of blush, mauve and violet. In order to brighten up the look and give it more interest, I combined these with a baby blue tone. For a younger vibe, the accent colour dominates in a strong red tone. Busy, you might think, but because of all these colours having a cold under tone – it works!”

These business cards are not printed yet but if they were, “The textures used in the illustration was inspired by the rough structures of the ceramics. To bring this idea to life, the cards should be printed on heavy cardboard with a rough matte finishing,” Hannah suggested.

Hannah Erber business cardHannah Erber stationery

Designed by Hannah Erber

For Hannah Erber personal branding

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