Hand & Glove Digital Design Business Card

Hands&Glove business card

Studio Posen designed these business cards for Hand & Glove, a female-founded digital product design agency that’s focused on Design for Humankind.

“Tara and Avery from Hand & Glove have worked at some of the world’s greatest design and creative agencies. They created Hand & Glove to fill a massive creative gap that they experienced first-hand as creative pros and young Moms,” said Kristel Posen, the graphic designer at Studio Posen.


“Hand & Glove delivers in User Experience, Product design, User Research, Strategy, Product management, development and so on. They offer a modern take on editorial, digital and search strategies focused on delivering better traffic and results for online-platforms.”

When asked about the design process and inspiration behind the card design, Kristel explained, “Tara and Avery wanted a strong design that was based on their core idea of working hand in glove. We started out with the font Denver as a feminine but bold choice.

“The primary logo creates a link between letter ’n’ from ‘hand’ and ‘l’ from ‘glove’. The shifting of the words hand and glove combined with the tilted ampersand creates a balanced out logo. Just like the balance Tara and Avery want to create as a company and a workplace.”

She continued, “Hand & Glove is built from the ground up and focuses on flexibility and inclusivity. The logo was made flexible and can morph into 3 different shapes – to be used in all types of situations.”

“The colour palette that supports the logo, is based on terracotta colours – shades of pink – and combined with light and dark green to counterbalance the pink.”

These business cards were printed on cotton business cards that are made from recycled T-shirt fabric by Moo. According to Kristel, it’s a good combination between impressive printing quality and taking care of the environment.

Hands&Glove business cardsHandsandGlove illustrations

HandsandGlove logotype1HandsandGlove illustrations1

Designed by Studio Posen

Printed by MOO

For Hand & Glove

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