Halo Café Business Card

Halo business cards

Fivestar Branding designed these business cards for Halo, a café that serves eggs and egg sandwiches.

The business card design is super catchy with the colours blending from one to another, making the card stands out from the crowd!

Speaking of the design inspiration, “The client wanted something inspired by the sky and happiness, and wanted to avoid the typical yellow schemes,” said Shane Wilson, the Founder of Fivestar Branding.

Halo logo

The typography used for the logotype is called Gallient. It’s a modern, elegant serif font that’s perfect for Halo.

Also, by adding oval shapes to both sides of the card, it gives the brand a fun and friendly vibe while at the same time, being the perfect backdrop as they resemble the brand’s main product!

All in all, this is a colourful business card design that uses gradient in a unique way that will surely make a lasting impression to those who’ve seen it!

Halo business cardsHalo boxesHalo productsHalo cups

Designed by Fivestar Branding

For Halo

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