Guiver Barcelona Architecture Business Card

Guiver business card

Claudia Bahima Studio designed these business cards for Guiver Barcelona, an architecture studio based in Barcelona with more than 40 years of experience.

Guiver Barcelona approached Claudia for the branding project, she said, “They asked us to redesign their image to create a modern and actual brand that represented how their work and their appearance is nowadays.”

Guiver logo1Guiver logo
“The other goals to complete the visual identity including to clean as much as possible the baroque and old image to make a wordmark that transmits the naming brand as an honest and consistent visual look. We used a modular design to make it more clear and fresh. The modular scenes were designed to justify the architectural world.”

The typography Claudia used in her design is Work Sans but according to her, she modified some details for the wordmark.

Guiver logo2Guiver colours

“The colours play an important role in the visual identity. We chose four colours to describe the Guiver’s character and the reason why they were chosen is because most of his projects are made in Maresme (a locality in front of the Mediterranean Sea) close to Barcelona.,” Claudia explained.

“Therefore, the colours are based on sand, tones of blue by the sea, and the main one – and the most important – we created a charm but powerful orange that made it shine. With this colour palette, we could build the narrative of the visual system.”

These business cards were offset-printed on 350gr matte paper by Repro Disseny S.L. in Barcelona.


Guiver business cardGuiver brandingGuiver webGuiver branding2

Guiver branding3

Designed by Claudia Bahima Studio

Printed by Repro Disseny S.L.

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For Guiver Barcelona

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