Guglielmo Pepe Architecture Business Card

Guglielmo Pepe business card

Paolo De Angelis designed these business cards for Guglielmo Pepe, an architect and interior designer.

“Guglielmo Pepe is a young architect and interior designer who bases his work on a wise knowledge of materials, the intersection of floors and chromatic contrasts and games. He starts from the classic structures and then adds the innovative element,” explained Paolo when asked about the nature of business of his client.

“Unlike competitors who present their projects in a ‘traditional’ way, Guglielmo adopts the famous BIM (Building Information Modeling) method, a 3D simulation system that allows projects to be presented through a virtual tour and this guarantees better communication of the project information.

“Thanks to 3D, it allows a greater ability to visualize and imagine real structures, facilitating customers.”

Guglielmo Pepe logo


The Logo Design

Speaking of the logo design, Paolo continued, “The pictogram has a fairly strong design minimalism; the intersection of the floors was dealt with above all in the lower part of the pictogram, where all the construction lines meet (for this reason, the logo was designed in outline).”

“The isometric perspective justifies the 3D, the contrast was obtained through the play of positive and negative space forming the initials of the name. Finally, the breaking element has been inserted in the lower part of the ‘G’. The ‘G’, in fact, does not continue but stops, creating a void, which makes us perceive the rupture.”

“The ‘A’ for Architect has not been included in the pictogram since the basic idea is to be flexible and not to limit the areas of application in the future.”

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Special Cut-Out & Printing

As for the cut-out on the corners, “The idea was taken from the geometric structure of the logo (isometric axonometry) and I liked the idea of creating a business card that’s both elegant and modern.”

“The cut, metaphorically, suggests the architect’s style: starting with classic elements and then breaking the mold with the addition of super modern elements.”

These business cards have not been printed yet. However, Paolo did share with us his ideas of the possible printing outcome, “I believe that the business card is the beginning of a conversation while increasing the value of the brand. For this reason, it must have a beautiful aesthetic and functionality.”

“For this project, I thought of using a type of finish that’s classic in the soul but modern in the finish: a gunmetal hot foil on a thick black paper, to create a nice visual contrast. I’d choose a paper with a slightly higher weight than usual to convey the sense of reliability and design robustness.”

Guglielmo Pepe business cardsGuglielmo Pepe stationery

Guglielmo Pepe logo2Guglielmo Pepe stationery 2Guglielmo Pepe envelopeGuglielmo Pepe branding1

Designed by Paolo De Angelis

For Guglielmo Pepe

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