Grean Business Card

Grean business cards

Studio Vacarme designed these business cards for Grean, an eco-responsible brand that offers innovative household products for a greener, more economical and healthier cleaning method.

Studio Vacarme created the visual identity, logotype, typography, packaging and the bottle designs for the company.

Grean logo

Grean logotype

“We opted for a sober typographic creation that evokes simplicity of use. We have it associated with an assertive, colourful and playful identity that invites to regain a taste for housework,” said Margaux, the Co-Founder of Studio Vacarme.

Explaining about the logo design, she said, “We designed a ‘G’ as an iconic symbol for the brand. The typography of the logo was custom-made. The ‘G’ shape was inspired from liquid and we added a little spade to it to give more structure.”

“As for the logotype, we created inserts in letters to represent the phenomenon of fusion which occurs when a body dissolves in liquid. This typography transcribes mixing water with the Grean capsule.”

These business cards will be printed on two glued papers with offset printing and embossing on each side.

Overall, this is a clean and minimalist business card design that makes a lasting impression!

Grean business cardGrean business card_2

Grean business card_3
Grean box_2 Grean box and packaging

Designed by Studio Vacarme

For Grean

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