Good Vibes Yoga Business Card

Good Vibes business card

Kaye Huett designed these business cards for Good Vibes, a mindfulness and yoga coaching business.

“Good Vibes aims to offer high-quality mindfulness & yoga (as well as future potential for careers) coaching for its clients,” Kaye said.

“It brings personality, energy and light-heartedness to the process, focusing on creatives entering into the tech industry and allowing them to find the tools they need to ensure a more positive & rested state of mind.”

Good Vibes logoGood Vibes logomark pattern

The business card is designed to express a playful, approachable and fresh brand image to the prospects.

“My aim was to create a visual identity that was in juxtaposition to the usual yoga/mindfulness brands that generally assume an earthly, muted colour palette and ethereal vibes.”

“Instead, we focus on the feeling of happiness and ‘good vibes’ that come from investing in yourself and taking care of your mind & body.”

Speaking of the logo design, she continued, “The primary logo was inspired by the vintage summer camp type of the ’60s with tilted letters to relate a human, imperfect feel and to mimic the way life can be erratic and overwhelming, good and bad.”

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“However, with self-love, a sense of contentment and ‘good vibes’ can be achieved, allowing you to breathe and cope through the harder times with a clearer mind.”

These business cards have not been printed yet but if they were, “We plan for the cards to be printed on a recyclable/textured card with a matte touch to allow for the nature/summer camp feel to continue through print,” Kaye suggested.

Good Vibes business cardGood Vibes submarksGood Vibes square cardsGood Vibes logomarkGood Vibes_logomark Good Vibes_logoGood Vibes submark-dark Good Vibes stories

Designed by Kaye Huett

For Good Vibes

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