Gabriele M. Hochwarter Coaching Business Card

KR8 Bureau designed these business cards for Gabriele M. Hochwarter, a coach, speaker and expert in self-embodiment.

“Gabriele is a complex coach with is partially a scientist for immunology, but also works with energies,” said Florian Kowatz, the Creative Director of KR8 Bureau.

“She knows how bodies react to stress, and that stress often is a self-induced crisis that puts our bodies in extreme situations.”

“Those symptoms can cause depression, overweight, emotional distress, and much more.”

“She also knows that when you figure out a way to deal with your impulses, patterns you can transform your stress into energy that you can thrive onto.”


Logo Design

KR8 Bureau created a non-logo based branding that rather plays with a symbolic core element.

Florian explained, “The lens before each eye displays how you can change your personal disposition to transform your physical and psychological stress into energy.”

“It’s based on Gabriele’s theories in work and puts it into a documenting function.”

“This way we felt the client is much closer to her work and can actually see a real function in the design, other than just decoration.”

“The colors and shapes also play with the abstraction of perspective. They also had to fit Gabriele’s personality since it’s a personal branding.”

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The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by Fischer Druck in Vienna.

“For Gabriele we felt we needed some bling for her emotional side, but also value her service. It’s a hot gold foil stamp,” Florian added.


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Designed by KR8 Bureau

Printed by Fischer Druck

For Gabriele M. Hochwarter

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