GÄ-DES Fashion Business Card

GÄ-DES business card

Alessia Sistori designed these business cards for GÄ-DES, a company that sells fashion to strong, independent and sophisticated women from all over the world.

“GÄ-DES transmits strength and self-confidence, but at the same time is feminine and elegant. This brand works with glamorous materials, which makes every woman feel like a goddess wearing the clothes. It also has a strong layout and typographic language that makes it very recognizable.” Alessia said.


“Because of this, it offers the possibility of using different kinds of papers and materials for each new collection, without losing the essence and character of the brand. This concept is a reference to the endless variety of women in the world, whom this brand is speaking to.”

These business cards come in four different collections: White collection, Black collection, Glamour collection and Winter Collection. The printing techniques involved including White screenprint on black cardboard, Black digital Printing on white Cardboard, Hot Stamping on Holo paper and Frosted translucent plastic.

Overall, the business cards look stylish and modern!


Designed by Alessia Sistori

Photos & Set Design by Designstudio B.O.B.


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