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Liam Foster designed these business cards for Futura, a brand & digital marketing agency that helps ambitious businesses of all shapes and sizes generate more revenue and growth.

According to Liam, Futura fast track client acquisitions and business growth through strategy, branding, design and marketing.

“The aim of the design was to create a logo and identity that feels creative while also instilling the idea of moving forward and growth,” he said.

Logo & Pattern Design

Liam designed the business cards as part of the brand identity design for the agency. The cards look futuristic with impressive gradients and a simple, meaningful logo.

“The brand’s logo is a simple word-mark with a bespoke ‘A’, giving the impression of an upwards trend, growth, progress and launch,” Liam explained.

“We combined this with a brand pattern based on the same ideas. This allows for a more flexible identity with potential for more variety and possibilities for the collateral and graphic assets.”

Futura_logoFutura logo_2

Typography & Colours

The typeface used on the business card is Lufga, a simple yet sophisticated sans serif font.

As for the brand’s colour palette, Liam said, “Purple was chosen as a complimentary accent to black/white due to its connotations with both creativity (representing the design and marketing aspects of the business) and wealth (representing an increase in revenue through business growth techniques).”

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These business cards have not been printed yet but if they were, “My recommendations would be for the cards to be printed on 450gsm paper, with spot UV on the logo and symbols to give them a subtle, premium finish,” Liam suggested.

Futura_business cards2Futura bag_mug Futura colours_ patternFutura tag_pensFutura_T-shirt Futura website_2 Futura_billboard Futura_website

Designed by Liam Foster

For Futura

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