Frances Loom Interior Design Business Card

Frances Loom business card

Marbury designed these business cards for Frances Loom, founded by Kelly Vittengl – a New York born, London based interior designer – who scours flea markets across the globe in search of extraordinary antique rugs.

“Frances Loom’s rugs are collected and curated from antique dealers and flea markets around the world, and bring a sense of history and meaning to the spaces they inhabit,” said Jessica Comingore, the founder of Marbury.

“We rebranded the company to reflect its product’s heirloom qualities, using a soft, subtle colour palette and design inspired by antique European typography.”

Frances Loom businesscards

“We also created a stationery system and set of hang tags to better represent the product, its backstory and elevate the Frances Loom brand to set it apart from its competitors.”

Frances Loom’s business cards were printed by Mama’s Sauce via a combination of letterpress and foil printing techniques.

Two card stocks — Colorplan in Mid-Green and Curious Collection Keaykolour in Biscuit — were duplexed to create a substantial weight that would weather beautifully and double as a long-term keepsake, just like the brand’s rugs.


Designed by Marbury

Printed by Mama’s Sauce

For Frances Loom

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