Framewrk Gym Business Card

Saevil Row designed these business cards for Framewrk, a gym/physical fitness centre owned by Josephine Cuthill in Toronto, Ontario.

Josephine approached Saevil Row for the branding project, including choosing a name for her business. After a few strategy sessions, the name ‘Framewrk’ was born.


“Framewrk is all about functional fitness and empowering clients to build a strong and lean body with basic foundations of movement,” said Rachelle Saevil, the Creative Director of Saevil Row, “Our goal was to bring a fluid energy to the brand in an organic way, which is where the thin lines came from. We brought life to this brand not only with the naming, but from creating a look and feel that was seamless and soft in design.”

It’s important to create a visual identity for Framewrk that’s more than just a yoga studio – a look that will complement the very essence of the brand itself. Overall, it’s a simple and stylish design that one will appreciate and remember!

Designed by Saevil Row

For Framewrk

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