Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing Business Card

Forgotten Boardwalk cards

Perky Bros designed these business cards for Forgotten Boardwalk, an artfully devious microbrewery and teller of tales located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

“The owner, Jamie Queli, is one of the youngest female brewery owners in the U.S. and her brewery seeks to craft beer that sparks curiosities through deliciously unique flavors and the folklore of the Jersey Shore Boardwalk,” said Alden Earl, the Project Manager of Perky Bros.

Forgotten Boardwalk’s mascot was inspired by the feral cats living underneath the boardwalk, which serves as the brand’s consistent visual thread from logo to the beer taps.


“The identity brings to life the stories of sideshow oddities, historic events and darker side of the boardwalk’s past, while filtering it through a quirky, yet restrained visual lens,” Alden added.

The minimal palette and the unique arrangements of logo and texts are all fascinating enough to get the prospects talking.

Just look at the swirling texts with the mascot – what an authentic design that creates a clear, inviting presence while separating itself from other competitors!

These letter-pressed business cards were printed by Rohner Press in Chicago.


Designed by Perky Bros

Printed by Rohner Press

For Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing

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