Forever Fish Restaurant Business Card

Forever Fish business card

Irvesha Diani designed these business cards for Forever Fish, a conceptual identity for a restaurant.

According to Irvesha, they have been exploring an identity for food/restaurant businesses. Speaking of the brand and its design inspiration, she said, “The word ‘Forever Fish’ came up as the brand name, with a deep meaning of unlimited and delightful fish cuisine.”

forever fish logo
“The logomark represents harmony, stability and commitment. Circle as the basic shape seems softer and more welcoming; it also shows strength and steadiness. Circle do not have any breaks or turns, therefore it can make any businesses appear more reliable.”

Although these cards are still in the conceptual stage, Irvesha had decided who and how to print them, “These business cards will be printed by Superstar Grafika on 270gsm matte paper, with a white foil finishing on the logomark.”

Forever Fish business cardforever fish stationery

Designed by Irvesha Diani at Kuvio Branding Agency

For Forever Fish

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