Foliage Business Card

Kaori Drome designed these business cards for Foliage, a flower class owned by Mari Kato.

Kaori had put in some thoughts when it comes to the illustration on the visual identity, she said, “Mari is a flower designer and a herbalist based in Berkeley, California. She needed a new set of business cards to expand her business and we decided to use a flower illustration from a 100 year-old antique book written by Nicholas Culpeper, an English botanist, herbalist, physician.”

It’s a refreshing idea to put emphasis on the green leaves, matching the brand name ‘foliage’ perfectly. The vertical layout is a smart choice to give more room for the illustration while keeping the design minimal and clean at the same time.

These single-sided business cards were printed by Hoban Press using letterpress printing technique on Legion Bamboo stock (265gsm). According to Kaori, the bamboo paper stock has a nice texture on it and through letterpress printing, a nice vintage look is created.

Designed by Kaori Drome

Printed by Hoban Press

For Foliage

Business Card Printing
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