First Baptist Church Smyrna Business Card

Smyrna church business card

Jac-Martin Dorion designed these business cards for First Baptist Church Smyrna in Georgia.

Sideways 8 commissioned Jac-Martin Dorion to design a business card for the church, which described as ‘a multi-generational and multi-ethnic church who truly believes God brings us together, despite our different ages and backgrounds, to share life together, encourage one another, and spread the gospel of Jesus.

“The card itself has that solid foundational element supporting the church’s vision and brand, delivering a message of openness, approachable and a clean stylish design!” Jac-Martin said.

“A successful collaboration with the church leaders, we were able to implement a visual design reflecting each component of the church’s vision.”

Smyrna church logo

For instance, the shards of glass represents brokenness, the multiple shades of color represents diversity, the cross represents the power of the gospel and so forth.

Colours play a big part in the design as well, with red stands for worship, green for grow, yellow for serve and blue for go.


These business cards were printed on a digital press, with standard white business card stock.

Designed by Jac-Martin Dorion for Sideways 8

For First Baptist Church Smyrna

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