Filon Food Catering Business Card

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Camille Gabarra designed these business cards for Filon Food, a catering business based in Paris.

Filon delivers ‘traditional food with a twist’ to companies around Paris. It’s a brand with a long term perspective on sustainability and ethics.

“The client wanted something vegetal, natural and crafty in order to evoke craftsmanship around short circuit food and locavore cuisine,” Camille explained.

Filon business card

Logo Design

The word Filon means ‘vein’ in French. The brand’s concept is to network as a geological plan, which is associated with the name of the brand. As a result, the monogram was designed with this idea in mind.

On the back of the business card, the logo is split and placed at each side/edge. When the cards combined, they form a complete logo. The same design can be seen on other brand applications as well.

FIlon design conceptFilon logo

Typography & Colours

The typeface used is called Topaz, by Hoefler and Co. According to Camille, it’s a really cool font with curved lines.


“I worked on the inline Topaz to calibrate the font the way I like on the Topaz Background font. The duo font exists, but it’s not exactly what I wanted, so I created my own.”

The green colour is meant to be natural, and it looks beautiful on kraft paper. Pantone 349U was used to print all materials.

The business cards and communication cards were printed by The Korus company. It’s a one-colour R°V 349U offset print on KraftPack paper from Inapa.

Filon stationeryFilon business cardsFilon communication card Filon applicationFilon packagingFilon_manual

Designed & Photographed by Camille Gabarra

Printed by The Korus

For Filon Food

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